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 Creating, Educating, and Inspiring

"Danielle McNeal, a dedicated advocate of the art of dance with a Bachelor's degree in the field, is a passionate educator and visionary choreographer. Danielle's mission is to provide a diverse range of dance experiences, from in-person classes in Sedona to online sessions, private lessons, and enlightening workshops, all aimed at fostering the growth and development of both dancers and teachers. Through her eclectic creations as a choreographer, Danielle weaves stories, entertains, and delves into the boundless exploration of movement, shaping a unique and vibrant dance narrative."


"Danielle is an absolutely amazing dance teacher. One of my all time favorites and I always look forward to her classes. She has an open-minded playful quality that puts everyone at ease. Her knowledge of dance is immense and the way she uses imagery to teach makes it easy to follow. Every class is fun and a full mind body workout".

Heather Lemert

Sedona, AZ

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