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Sedona Dance Project

Danielle was moved to Create the Sedona Dance Project after observing the beautiful Sedona dance community for over a year. She felt a passion to create a platform that would celebrate the beauty of the Sedona dance community through dance performances using ALL dancers in the community (no special training needed). Capturing authentic movement and creating an opportunity for artists of all genres to collaborate and exchange their gifts in service to the community. 

Sedona Dance Project Logo

Rooted in Movement

Danielle became involved with Rooted in Movement the first year when Candy Jimenez created the concept in response to keeping dance and arts alive while staying true to genuine live dance performance during the pandemic. Danielle has performed and created works for Rooted and has helped in the production.  Rooted in Movement brings in choreographers to create sight specific works outside in nature. 

Rooted in Movement Logo
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